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What to Bring Aboard

What to Bring Aboard

Beyond the fantastic fishing, customers aboard the EXCEL can relax in the most comfortable and spacious lounge ever to be enjoyed by long-range anglers. For its comforts and conveniences, the EXCEL is unsurpassed.

Fishermen aboard the EXCEL will find ample room along the rails, more space for tackle storage, and more bait-carrying capacity than any other San Diego long-range boat. Rental tackle is available or bring your own gear aboard to battle the giant Yellowfin Tuna, wahoo, yellowtail, dorado, albacore, giant grouper, and other big game species.  If you are a discriminating angler who demands the best from a multi-day fishing vacation into Mexican waters and beyond, the EXCEL is for you!


For the first-time fisherman or the out-of-town visitor to Southern California, our landing rental shop offers rental packages of tackle and gear specifically suited for long-range fishing. All gear is in excellent condition and reasonably priced.  We also carry terminal tackle appropriate to the trip length on board the EXCEL at shore side prices. For those of you traveling from far away places, Fisherman’s Landing offers a UPS option.  Send your gear/tackle UPS and it will be waiting for you on the EXCEL when you arrive.

While the EXCEL has all of the modern day amenities of home, we have compiled lists of suggested gear and tackle to bring along. When deciding what to bring aboard the EXCEL, please refer to our suggestions.


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