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Fish Processing

Fish Processing


Fish Processing

With the ability to store 28 tons of fish, the EXCEL by far has the largest fish hold capacity in the San Diego fleet. We take extra measures to ensure your prized catch is stored and handled properly, optimizing its quality. Fish processors regularly boast about the quality of fish coming off the EXCEL.

There are two options of fish storage aboard the EXCEL, Frozen and Fresh.  When a fish is stored as frozen, its internal temperature is brought down to 10-12 degrees freezing it from the inside out.  These fish are “grill grade” and can later be used to create some delicious grilled or broiled dishes.  When a fish is stored fresh, the fish is submerged in 30 degree sea water, keeping it chilled, but never frozen.  These fish are considered “sushi grade” and can be enjoyed raw or prepared however you would like.  Either way you choose, you can rest assure that the EXCEL will take care of your prized catch. You will be thoroughly satisfied.

Upon your trip return, there are several services available for your convenience, including canning, smoking, filleting and mounting.  We have great relationships with several fish processing companies whom we highly recommend, please find them below and contact them for more information.

Five Star Fish Processing

Fisherman’s Processing

Sportsman Seafood’s Seafood


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