Daily Fish Report

Captain Mike Ramirez

Monday, February 8 05:52 PM
Super cows
Hello anglers, Another day of quality over quantity! The first fish hit the deck around 0600 and it seemed like we were able to keep at least one going threw out the day. Most of the fish were 150lbs or better. Even though there were a couple of epic battles were the tuna won it's freedom we were still 1 able to put together a great day. With top honors going to Bill Lynd with his 274.0lbs yft, James Hassen with his 330.0 pound YFT and of course Rob Leist with his 351.4 pound yft! We will be staying the night and try again tomorrow, wish us luck.
Reported by:Mike Ramirez

Monday, February 8 02:48 PM
Excel just landed a 351
Holy Super Cow! Captain Mike Ramirez is back again today with another Super Cow. Congratulations to Rob Leist for a beautiful Yellowfin Tuna that taped out at 351.
Reported by:Mike Ramirez

Monday, February 8 02:41 PM
Super Cows are Biting Today
Captain Mike Ramirez checked in to let us know that the Super Cows are biting today. Here is James Hassan with a 330 pounder.
Reported by:Mike Ramirez